#1. I know, I pierced my nose and didn’t post pictures. Well, deal with it, folks. It’s an anonymous blog.


#2. Some little brat in the fourth grade called Drama Queen “dumb” today. She will rue the day.


#3. Speaking of Drama Queen, if she tries to get away with smuggling 20 lip glosses to school again tomorrow, I will totally beat her. With the 20 lip glosses.


#4. And if she doesn’t stop asking me if I called her friend’s mother for a playdate soon, I might pelt her with the lip glosses just for fun.  I will call her tonight!


#5. Blueberries are currently banned from my house, due to Miss Poopie Pants eating an entire PINT of them yesterday. Today she is doing what she does best. Poosplosions. Lots of them. We’ve gone through three changes of clothes thus far.


#6. I’m pretty sure tomorrow is going to be a snow day.  Shoot me now.