Okay, no, I know. Not fair. Obviously, you don’t come read if there’s nothing here to read.  And it certainly doesn’t take long to read all the posts I have up here. So, I’ll let you slide. You get to live another day.


Anyway, to answer your unasked question. I’ve been here, writing my ass off. Just not for my blog. You know what would be nice? If I made enough money on this blog to not have to write anything else. Except the novel. Someday, I’ll finish that damn novel.


However, since I don’t see that happening any time soon, I’ve got other people’s blogs to produce and maintain, columns to write, and marketing pieces to conceive.


Also? I’ve been watching The Vampire Diaries. Started at the first episode and got all caught up for this past week’s episode.  If you watch it and love Damon like I do…. drop dead. He’s mine.


Also, also, I’ve had sick kids. This should have given me plenty of blog fodder, except that taking care of them sucks my will to live, and the days of vomit and shit are a blur.  Probably nothing anyone wants to read about anyway.


If you are a person who wants to hear about my children puking all over the living room, stop reading my blog. Sicko.


Tonight, my husband is sick. Mr. Sasha is usually a pretty stoic dude. But when he’s actually sick, he’s a big baby. I think this is pretty much true for all men.


At least I’m pretty sure I won’t have to clean his yak up off the couch at 11pm. Probably.


The Pupster has a lump in chest that turned out not to be cancer. Good thing, because if he had cancer, I’d snap his neck and save us a whole bunch of money and grief.


That was  a blatant lie. I’d mortgage my house to save my dog.  Luckily, Mr. S is a little more practical than I am.


I’ve been watching a lot of stand up comedy on Netflix lately, and I cannot recommend Daniel Tosh enough. Totally offensive to every single person on the planet. Awesome.


Anyway, tomorrow, I have dinner plans at my mother’s house. That should make for a nice blog full of the EFF word.  Till then, stay rockstar. Smoochies!