My daughter is in love.  Wait, no, that’s not exactly right. It was more like “in LOOOOOVE”. Yeah, that’s better.


She got a valentine from one of her friends in school, with a picture of a little boy who can kind of sing, smoldering at her from the inside. I walked into her room with laundry to put away and saw her trying to stand it up on her dresser.


“Whatcha doin?”


“Trying to get this stood up so I can SEE him.”


“Ah. Well, you know, maybe I’ll give you a piece of tape and you can stick it to the wall.”




“Yeah. That’s what you do with posters of hot dudes.”


“Wow. Okay!”  She paused for a second, looking into his eyes, and then turned to look up at me, smiling.  “Mommy. I am in LOVE with JUSTIN BEAVER!”


To my credit, I didn’t fall down laughing in her face.  Come on, that took a lot of effort, man.  “Well, let’s get Mr. Beaver up on your wall then.”  I ran out of the room, ostensibly to get tape, before I dissolved into giggles in the middle of the kitchen floor.