Here I am, on another Friday, trying to remember all the awesome (HA!) stuff that happened this week.  I need a drink.


Oh! That’s something! I’m SOBER!  This, because I’m on a diet. A super-fucking-strict diet that disallows alcohol. For, like, three freaking WEEKS!  The good news is, I’m down five-ish pounds, with something between 10 and 15 to go. I am considering putting a black sheet over the shelves behind my bar, though. Because, yeah.


Miss Poopie Pants sang “Cannibal” by Ke$ha for my brother at his birthday party in front of all his friends. And his inlaws. We are such an awesome family.


Breaking news: The Drama Queen hates broccoli.  I knew that already.  I made it anyway.


Mr. Sasha has had a cold this week. The darling man soldiered through it, continuing to work his 12 hour days and even braving a wing joint with us for my father’s birthday last night. It was loud and he was achy and I just knew he was having an awful time. But, he said he’s feeling much better today and he’s even loading the dishwasher, so I bet he’s not lying.


Well, there you go, an update on every member of my family except you.  So, tell me about your week.