I love blogs. I have a blog; a few in fact. I love how anyone can start writing and write as much or as little as they please, about anything and everything that interests them and that it will find an audience.


Yes, there’s even someone out there who will read your blog about you goldfish who are all named after Meyer-pires. No doubt, someone will have lots to say in your comment section on the day you post that Edward ate all the baby goldfish, too.


So blogs make the interwebs go ’round, and I love them.  L.O.V.E.


That being said, most of them are not very high paying, yes?  Some find tremendous audiences and huge success and woohoo for those bloggers! But for the rest of us, our blogs are simply a labor of love and, while getting paid to write whatever you want whenever you want would be awesome, we’re content to just have a place to get it all out to whomever chooses to read it.


I’m a writer. It’s what I do for a living. (You know that old cliche about the “starving artist?” Totally fucking true, by the way. Especially when said artist is on a diet.)


As a writer, I do lots of different stuff, mostly copywriting, but one of the things I do that I love the best is a regular column on a hyperlocal news site. The reason that I love it so much is that, as a copywriter, I very rarely have a byline. Generally, I write anonymously (kinda like this blog, come to think of it. Hmmmm.)  But this is something I get paid for, and that I can show off on my Facebook and Twitter feeds so my parents know that their hard earned and easily spent money invested in my education is being used to feed my children.


You know what I hate? When someone tells me “I read your blog all the time!”  Well, no I don’t hate that, I actually love it. I hate it when they say that, but they’re talking about my column.  Not all writing on the interwebs is blogging. In fact, this particular interweb writing has deadlines and editors and even a protocol to follow to get articles approved.


In other words, I can’t just write whatever the fuck I want whenever I want to. And I can’t write four sentences and call it a column, like I sometimes do on my blogs.


Okay, so it’s a super picky distinction and I should just be happy to have an audience, yes?  True. And maybe the only reason it’s pissing me off so much right now is that the site I write for recently introduced (unpaid) blogs, and I’m starting to fear that they’re going to kill the freelance staff, and, by extension, me, and replace us with these blogs.


That would suck.


And that’s what’s pissing me off right now. Now I’ll quit bitching and go back to being grateful that anyone is reading my columns or my blogs. Next, I’ll try smoke signals.


How do you spell FUCK in smoke?