I’m a writer. No probably nothing you’ve read. Well, maybe. But I’m not telling.  That’s the point of this blog after all.

What will I be bitching about? My sister in law. Also? My kids. And sometimes my husband.  Often, my mother. Let’s just say “family, in general.”

I’m liable to bitch about the weather. Particularly if it’s too hot, or too cold. Especially if it snows. I fucking HATE snow.

But, I promise not to bitch ALL the time. I’ll do my best to pepper in some happy thoughts here and there. When I can find some. If I can find some.

It’s hard.

I think you should call me Sasha, because I’ve always loved the name Sasha and wished my mom had named me Sasha. Doesn’t it sound….mysterious?

So, if I’m Sasha, then let’s call my husband Mr. Sasha. Because I wanted him to take my name when we got married and he was all, “Absolutely NOT.” HAHA Jackass! In cyberspace, I RULE!

And we have two kids. The Drama Queen and Miss Poopie Pants. Miss Poopie Pants is eligible for a new name, seeing as how she’s finally stopped pooping in her effing pants, but let’s keep it as is, for continuity’s sake.  The Drama Queen will always be the Drama Queen.

DQ is 9 and MPP is 7.  And they are the reason I am blogging drunkenly. Because I’ve found I am super more easy going with some liquor in me. And they like me better that way. And I sure as hell like THEM better that way.

We also have a dog. Trust me when I say that he is the best most awesomest dog in the world. I will rarely bitch about my Pupster.  He’s almost ten, and doesn’t care what I think of him, anyway.

Now Imma grab some Bailey’s and start blogging.