I write a totally for real, actual parenting advice column for a site on these vast interwebs. I really love it, but I got to thinking…. what if I could tell these people what I REALLY think, snark and sarcasm intact?


And Dear Sasha was born.  I was planning on shooting for once a month, but it looks like there are enough people wanting some of my very own brand of advice that I can make it more frequent than that.


It also seems we need to lay down some ground rules.


A-rule Numbah One! (if you get that reference, I love you) There kind of are no rules. Ask me anything at all.  Kids, relationships, cleaning, dealing with that bitchy neighbor, how to avoid PTA meetings, shopping (oh yes, let’s talk about shopping), sex. I’ll yap about anything, pretty much, just be prepared….


2. If you’re looking for Dear Abby, you are on the wrong website, my dear.  I might shock myself with some legitimate advice from time to time, but, for the most part, let’s all agree to expect snark and sarcasm, which are my two greatest talents, right up there with downing a bottle of wine in 13.7 minutes and reading “Goodnight Moon” with my eyes closed. If I can’t solve your problem, maybe I can at least make you laugh at it.


With that, if you want to submit a question for my consideration (and, no, not all questions will be answered. I’m looking at you “Mental in Michigan”) shoot me an email at Theblitzedblogger@gmail.com.  Your identity will be kept totally secret, like Clark Kent and Superman.


Unless you spill it to Lois, and then have to go through the whole earthquake in the snow thing to get your powers back and save the world from those three bad guys in pleather bondage-wear.  But, that’s up to you.