Today was snow day #451461757541f2t3294h87ri4.


No, really.  Look at that, there’s even letters in there.  It’s like, algebra and shit.


I haven’t been drinking a lot lately, because Mr. Sasha has been working nights and it just isn’t a good idea for the only adult in the house to be trashed to pieces overnight.


The Pupster is an awesome dog, but he can’t drive to the ER at 2am.  Not that I’ve ever had to do that. But the first night I’m totally wrecked? Someone will need a cast.


It will probably be the Drama Queen, because she doesn’t bounce.


ANYWAY, my point is, minions, I have become a cheap, cheap date.  But, today, when Mr. Sasha got home, I decided enough is enough and I was going to stick some Baileys in my coffee.


And then I was talking to a few of my friends, who were also home because of the algebraic snow day, and they suggested shots.  So we did shots.


It was 10am.


Mr. Sasha went to sleep around 11:30. I think. I couldn’t really tell time at that point.


I put the Olympics on when the kids went outside and fell desperately in lust with a curler. And curling actually made sense. It didn’t make sense when I was sober.


One of those things, I guess. Like dancing.


Anyway, I spent most of the day drinking with my friends on Facebook and this is why I love the modern age.


I’m sober now, because Mr. Sasha is getting ready for work. But stand by, minions, because we’re getting another foot or so over night, and I’m guessing we’ll have another snow day tomorrow.


This one will have an exponent.